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I am now available as a Creative Consultant and Advisor, especially for the Entertainment Industry. My techniques are also exceptionally useful to other Corporate and Business entities that want an especially creative  
set of eyes, ears and outside the box thinking. I can help you improve how you reach your clients, patrons and customers.



During 1981-1982, I took part in an astonishing educational program that was available at the time, in some schools, both in the public and private education sectors.  A brilliant and exceptionally innovative Scientist and Educator named Stan White, his Wife and their Staff, created the Fauna Education Center.  This amazing facility and program had over 1000 live animals of multiple species that were very well cared for and trained to accept being touched by adults and especially children, without becoming frightened, angry or aggressive.  I and other applicants for Instructor training were given months of very comprehensive and specific training in animal handling, animal care and feeding, animal husbandry and emergency veterinary basics.  Added to this, was Instruction in the Life Sciences of biology, zoology, taxonomy, ecology and environmental systems as applied to K-12 classes. Eventually, I and the other applicants that survived the training and graduated, became certified Life Science Instructors and were CA State approved as Guest or Visiting or Specialized Instructors/Trainers/Teachers.