I currently have 5 completed screenplays ready for motion picture or possibly television production.  

3 full length scripts: a major Sci-Fi, a ferocious Legal Drama/Thriller and a powerful Fantasy/Horror/ Action-Adventure. 2 short scripts, approximately 15 minutes long: a stunning, brutal, yet amusing and totally politically incorrect Sci-Fi and a very funny and cute Fantasy.  I just recently finished a very satirical mockumentary, as well. 

Here is a picture of me picking up my very first Screenplay Award for my 15 minute Sci-Fi short script "CRITICAL DECISION" at the November 28, 2007 Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards:

Personally, this doesn't bother me at all.  I've always considered the phenomenon to be a mental disorder, anyway.  What I have observed, is that it first erodes, then eventually incapacitates any kind of Critical Thinking or Objective Reasoning.  Having said that, try not to be alarmed or insulted by anything you read on the next few pages.  Who knows, it might even be good for you!  Thanks, SJJ. 

That was a very exciting evening and it really felt great to get this kind of validation and recognition. It was inspiring and gave me a great boost of encouragement to continue creating in this specialized form of writing.

Here is a picture of me receiving the BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY award at the Hollywood and Vine Film Festival Award presentations on December 8th, 2012 in West L.A., California, for my full length Sci-Fi motion picture screenplay, "CONTACT PRIME".

Turns out he is either hunting, whacking baboons

or terminating hyenas with extreme prejudice.  

Or, since he recently met a really beautiful

lady leopard, he might be engaged in some

extremely hot, sensual, and wild big cat sex!

Cool!!!  Try not to be alarmed when I inform you that,

upon closer examination, it turns out the old human guy

is me.  Sorry about that, because Chui is considered to be a very handsome leopard by the females of his species.  Unfortunately I, on the other hand, tend to have all of the photogenic charisma of a werewolf with rabies.  So please accept my sincere apologies if any young children or small animal companions in your family, happened to see my picture and became frightened, or ran off shrieking or barking or meowing or engaging in the terrified vocalizations of any other living creatures (Terrestrial or Alien) or the horrendous rackets of upset Undead or Supernatural Entities, who also might be in a state of sheer horror after seeing my picture and are trying to get away, etc.

I really enjoy writing, in much the same way as when I am composing, arranging and recording music.  I find that Jazz and Science Fiction are at the pinnacle of creativity and flexibility in both music and literary invention.  Each can take any style, form or genre of their Art and literally create new sounds and new worlds.  They also seem to have a shared history of parallel creative evolution, especially in America.  American Jazz and Science Fiction have both had a major impact on the rest of the world and continue to be major influences in both the Arts and Sciences.

Hello again and welcome to my creative writing and copywriting section. Wait a minute! What happened to my leopard?  Did some sick, deranged and psychotic internet beastie abscond with my Pantera Pardus buddy?  Evil Bastard!  And who is the elderly human?  Why is his picture where Chui's photo is supposed to be?  Oh! Okay, never-mind.

I just found out my large Feline Brother is taking a break from this website gig. 

Please go to the next pages and enjoy some samples of my short stories, poetry, a very satirical example of copywriting and a    short Fantasy script. Before you do that though, according to some of my friends, I possibly do possess some understanding of  tact, courtesy and a primitive form of diplomacy (theoretically speaking, of course.)  However, I am, apparently, completely  lacking in any form of genetic coding, inside my individual and collective DNA strands, for any kind of "Political Correctness". 

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The lovely lady on my right (your left) is the extremely talented Entertainment Industry Executive, Founder of Breaking into Hollywood,  Hollywood & Vine Magazine and the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival, Angela M. Hutchinson, with her also very lovely Assistant, Irma Gonzales/Volunteer Festival Co-ordinator, on my left (your right)In addition, I have written several short stories and am writing more of them as I go.  I have also written poetry, continue to do so, and have had several poems published (including Editor's Awards for a couple of them!)  I am also involved in Copywriting.