I was fortunate in being a performer in this

astonishingly creative world of Jazz and other

genres of music. I have had many amazing

experiences with music over the years.


My first solo Album/CD "THIS WORLD" is currently available for download at several online sites. This multi-award winning album is a unique combination of Jazz based music and Spoken Word. The narratives look at various human behaviors and institutions from a primarily Environmentalist Deep Ecology philosophy (with some very unexpected and sometimes very "Non-Politically Correct conclusions.)


While producing this work, I got very lucky at the same time I was considering album cover art & graphics for it.  Another Player friend of mine suggested a young Fine Arts Painter he had met. So I contacted the young man, Mr. Prentiss Beau Greene III, who I believe had just recently graduated from the Ohio Art  Institute, and when he showed me some of his work (which was just brilliant!), I hired him on the spot!  He delivered  a 4ft x 4ft acrylic oil painting of enchanting beauty and humor that I derived the CD graphics from.  The original painting is displayed at my home/studio.

Beautiful, Hooah!  Now for some pictures of me picking up one of "THIS WORLDS" Awards.  This also has some examples of "Great Beauty" Ha! Ha!

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Welcome to my Music section.  This where you can learn more about CHUI Records and CHUI Productions. I started working professionally as an instrumental musician in 1973 and joined the Professional Musicians Union, Local 47 of the AFM (American Federation of Musicians) in 1974.  

Music is an incredible adventure in itself.  

I spent many years as a Jazz Drummer and Percussionist with occasional forays into Piano/Keyboards.


Obviously, the middle picture of just me does not count as an example of "Great Beauty"!  If you think it does, I'm very concerned about your vision and encourage you to immediately make an emergency appointment with your ophthalmologist or optometrist!

I also am available for Public Speaking engagements.  The photo below was of me as MC and Narrator for the USPS official unveiling and First Day Issue of the Henry Mancini Stamp: