​​Hi!  Some of my friends have kind of hinted that I can be rather cynical. 

In addition, they have possibly implied that I may be at least slightly misanthropic.  If any of my literary examples on the previous pages

suggest this to you as well, please allow me to present something kinder

and gentler to you for your perusal.  The following short screenplay is dedicated to my Maternal Grandmother, AUDREY SULLIVAN, also known as MENO

to my two brothers and I, her grandsons.  She is the one who gave me my

core Environmental values.  From a multi-generational family of farmers

in Kentucky, she might of had a sixth grade public education, if that.  
This never stopped her from learning or developing an astonishing depth of WISDOM.  She was much smarter than a lot of people I've met with multiple Doctorates from "higher education".  She was a Lutheran, from the Christian segment of my ancestors.  If anyone ever met the qualifications of a "Good Christian Woman", it was my Meno.  I have a wide variety of religions, cultures, ethnicities and races in my ancestral background.  As an All-American Hybrid, I'm proud of all the wonderful and good things they each have contributed to our nation.  I'm also aware of all the ignorant, stupid, brainwashed idiocy, beliefs and belief systems they each can generate.  

   Having said that, let me tell you the story of what happened when Meno passed away, went to Heaven, met GOD and her Personal Savior, Jesus Christ.  Sound good so far?  Everything was cool until Satan decided he wanted some of Meno's Kentucky style fried chicken,  Uh Oh!


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