These skills are also of assistance to screenwriters, whether they are part of the production company writing staff or independent writers developing scripts. Writers who maybe do not have personal experience in these LEO/MIL areas and need accuracy and expertise in description of action or character, for example, greatly benefit from this kind of coaching and suggestions.  For more info on my Entertainment Industry Consulting, go to:
Executive Protection/Bodyguard:  Per California law, I can only be hired for my Armed, Plainclothes Security Services, through existing California State BSIS certified and licensed Security Companies, that I can be employed through, individually or with other Professionals, as needed for assignments.

Protective Escort for persons and high value shipments.

Physical Security:  Site inspection, Threat Assessment/Risk management and site protective duty assignments.
Red Carpet events such as the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammy Awards, Theatrical openings such as Film premieres and other similar Event Security requirements.

Armed Tactical Building Entry/Search/Clearing as required for a Client or other person's safety in an emergent situation.

However, now that I am retired from Active-Duty police work, I am very selective about potential clients. While Active-Duty, I had no choices in my assignments, for example, Executive Protection details, etc.  This also applies
to clients I am hired for, developed by the security companies themselves.  Now I do have choices in client selection, for clients that I develop, through this website or other methods, of my own choosing. Because of my deep commitment to Environmentalism and of improving society and the world in general, there are certain individuals, organizations and business entities I will not be available for, in any Security capacity.  This kind of work can be very dangerous and since I value my own life, I am not willing to risk it in protecting Anyone or any Entity that does not meet my criteria.  If you are interested in these specialized services, please contact me and we can discuss your potential eligibility.


Fraternal Order of Police
Law Enforcement Alliance of America
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Life Member
American Legion
NRA Life Member
Veterans in Film & Televison
International Screenwriters Association
Screenwriter's Network
Stage 32 


D.O.B:  October 7, 1947
Place of Birth:  San Francisco, CA
Height:  6’1
Weight:  180 lbs.
Military:  U.S. Army (1965-1969)
           Vietnam Veteran (1968-1969)

Retired Police Officer / Federal Law Enforcement Agency (1995-2011)

Police Training Certification, FLETC, GlenCo, Georgia/USA BPT Class PT-508

Technical Advisor/Consultant/Trainer for Motion Picture, Television, Stage and Web productions, i.e.: training actors/actresses, directors, cinematographers, etc., in Police Tactics, weapons, tactical building entry/search/clearing, CQB (close quarter battle) with a nexus to their Military counterparts as appropriate and many other related factors and subjects.  An example of this is helping actors and actresses to understand the mindsets of law enforcement officers and military personnel, as they are creating and molding the characters they are portraying.  This also applies to the mindsets of criminals, sociopaths and terrorists, as required for a part.


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